This update from Kelly Cameron, R.F.T. from the District of Mission on logging and reforestation plans/activities in the Steelhead area.

The District of Mission has completed logging operations off Johnson road. They will be planting two of the three new harvest areas in Johnson, and one unit off Sabo, from March 24 to April 3.

They are partway completed harvesting off Smith up the Cannell Lake road (H&C Logging) and have just started on the corner of Smith and Ainsworth (falling only-District crew).
These new harvest areas will be planted in Spring of 2018.

The next harvest plans are going to occur at the end of Sabo up the Hunter logging road (3 units). They will be posting signs as the area has become popular for hiking. Only one of the units will prohibit hiking until they move down a different spur road. They will provide a map a little bit later.

As well, the District of Mission may have forest surveyors and manual brushing operations occasionally through the year.