Recently there was an article in the Mission Record regarding OTG Development’s re-zoning proposal and it stated that the Executive Board of the SCA supported this. This was incorrect and OTG contacted the Mission Record to print a retraction/clarification.

We also posted the correct information on our web-site but for those of you who may have missed all of these, we will state once again what the Board’s position is on this re-zoning proposal:

  • Every person has the right to submit an application to the District of Mission and doesn’t need the Board’s permission to do so.
  • Saying that, each individual on the Board but not on behalf of the Board signed a letter stating that we support OTG Development’s right to submit an application for a re-zoning proposal.
  • We did not sign anything representing the community as at that point we did not know if the residents would support the re-zoning application and it is not up to the Executive Board to make these kinds of decisions without input from the residents of Steelhead.
  • What we supported was the application process with the knowledge OTG would hold a community meeting to discuss their proposal and gather feedback.
  • It was a suggestion to OTG Development from the Mayor and a Councilman to involve the Steelhead community directly in the application process. This provides the opportunity for the community to be heard.
  • OTG has asked if they could hold this information gathering at our community hall and for the convenience of the residents of Steelhead, it will be on Sept 27th at 7 p.m.

From the Executive Board of the Steelhead Community Association