Hello Steelhead past and present! We are putting a call out to everyone and anyone who has memories, photos or history that they would like to share and contribute into a short-story compilation book to be published as a Steelhead Legacy Project with all proceeds to go to the Steelhead Community Association.

It seems that so many people have a Steelhead connection whether they live here or not; some with stories of grandparents who walked here to school on mountain passes from the neighbouring communities of McConnell Creek or Hatzic Prairie; many who grew up here and moved on; as well as many who have stayed for generations.

Steelhead came to be as the “head of steel” which was the termination point for the train tracks that connected Ruskin to the shakes harvested and hewn in Steelhead’s many jingle-pot mills which included bee-hive burners, horse-drawn logging mules, and newspaper men who were early commuters to traveling weekly to Vancouver by train. We have a history rich in spirit in a community bound together by virtue of our remote mountain location and climes.

A former Steelhead resident who grew up here in the 1950s submitted a 15-page account of his memories of Steelhead that was very hard to put down and is inspiration to get this project underway as the first of many stories, photos and history to be published into a legacy that will benefit the community!

Please pass this on, and send in your stories, your photos or anything you can share about Steelhead, via the Steelhead contact form by clicking here. Don’t miss this chance to be a party of history and share your awesome stories and memories of our extremely unique and cool community.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!!

Jana Tennant

Steelhead Legacy Committee