(Deadline for sending letters to Chief Inspector of Mines & Developer has been extended to March 8. See links in top right corner of webpage for more information.)

On Monday Feb 11th we presented Steelhead residents with a short questionnaire to determine whether or not the board enters into discussions, on behalf of the community, with the developer and the District of Mission.

The deadline for voting was Feb. 15th and the results are as follows:

77 total votes;

  • 50 people oppose a gravel pit and oppose negotiations with the developer;
  • 26 people want to negotiate and enter into discussions
  • 1 person voted for the gravel pit.

The majority of Steelhead residents oppose entering into negotiations so the Executive Board will pursue and investigate other avenues.

For up-dates on the gravel pit/ Mining Application please check the web-site, signboard and bulletin board.

Thank you for your participation,

Executive Board
Steelhead Community Association