Recreation Trails


Living in the Steelhead area definitely has it’s advantages. One being that we are so close to many beautiful trails and recreation sites that take Vancouverites over an hour to reach. The District of Mission maintains many trails within the Municipal forests which may be used for hiking, horseback riding or mountain biking. There are a number of unmarked trails as well. When using any trail, just remember to pack-out what you pack-in, enjoy the area and please be safe. Be sure to review the Bear and Cougar safety information before heading out!

Click this link for a complete list of all the trails maintained by the District of Mission. Check this list for trail closures as well.


This is a new trail dedicated to two Steelhead pioneers.  Pike and Doreen Cameron are two of Steelhead’s longest living residents and have seen the community grow and transform over the course of more than 60 years.  Pike was born in a small house just off Dewdney Trunk Road and grew up just down the street from where he resides today on Johnson Street. Pike met and married Doreen in 1935 and they moved into that house Pike’s Dad built which he gave to the newlyweds and where they have raised their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Pike worked in the forestry department for the District of Mission in a life-long career and knows nearly every road built in the municipal forest because it was he who built them.  Earlier this year, as part of Mission’s continual effort to encourage local recreation and protect the environment, the District had a trail and pond built by inmates from Fraser Correctional Centre and named them after Pike and Doreen.  There is a story told of how years ago Doreen took her grandsons for a hike in the forest and ended up getting lost and so she now will always be able to find her way home.  Long ago, beavers dammed up a pond that was washed away just this past winter during the heavy rains, so it was built up again making it part of the trail and named Pike’s pond.

The trail begins about 700 metres past the forestry gates at the end of Johnson Road just up the street from where Pike and Doreen still live.  The trail itself, which goes around the pond and back onto the logging road, is about half a kilometre in length.  It is an easy hike with a number of rest spots and a picnic bench by the pond.  Bob O’Neal, manager from the District of Mission’s Forestry Department says “these wetlands are a valuable habitat and we try to protect them”.   Please leave nature as you have found it and pack out any litter you find or bring.  The area is still a working tree farm and is open on weekends but check for closures during the week.


Located just a few minutes west of Steelhead is Stave Lake with boat launching facilities. Further along the Stave Lake forestry road (Burma Rd) you will also find Sayres (Cedar) Lake, Morgan Lake and Florence Lake.

Make sure you check the BC Fishing Regulations for our region before heading out!

Links that might be useful: – detailed information on Sayres Lake (and others)