This is an advisory to residents living in Mission that the District of Mission has implemented a Ban on All Open Burning within the boundaries of the District of Mission, effective noon, Thursday, July 6th, 2017 until further notice.

The burning ban also prohibits the use of open fires for cooking, warmth or ceremonial purposes including Recreational Backyard Fire Pits. Use of fireworks is also prohibited. The prohibition does not restrict fire in stoves using gas, propane, or briquettes.

Also at this time, any other open burning, including campfires, will not be permitted in the District of Mission, including in the Municipal Forest. Due to the serious potential consequences to property, the environment and wildlife, if the fire ban is not adhered to, fines may be issued.

Occasional rain only temporarily reduces the hazard a small amount and the fire hazard quickly rises again, so the burning ban is to remain regardless of weather until lifted by the District of Mission.

Please contact the Mission Fire Rescue Service at 604-820-3793 for further information or visit our website at

Working together, we can all help to ensure that Mission continues to be a safe community during this hazardous time.