On June 6, 2017, starting at 08:00 to ….. Mission Fire Rescue and the Emergency Operations Centre would like to do a ‘real time’ test of our Emergency Response System.

Currently, we are looking at doing a mock forest fire at the upper end of Johnson Rd.


In order to test our emergency response systems and responses in ‘real time’. We can do mock exercises and drills but there is nothing quite like doing an actual scenario in real time with real obstacles that may be encountered along the way, such as:

Who is really available to attend an event?

How long does it actually take to get materials/equipment on site?

What apparatus will be needed, do we have what we need?

Will there be any ’local’ issues that will need to be dealt with?

Steelhead Participation:

This event could involve:

mock evacuations with the mock forest fire

real time emergency truck traffic in the neighbourhood in various areas or staged in various spots in Steelhead

Opening the Community Hall as a Reception Centre

Participating as a potential “evacuated” per-son

This is completely voluntary. You can decline to participate. Post a note on your gate if you are not interested in partaking in the mock evacuation or do not wish to be disturbed

Potential Participants:





Wildfire BC

Search and Rescue


Public Works

Amateur Radio


Salvation Army