Abbotsford Mission Times Article on Steelhead & Opposition to Thomas Avenue MineThe article “Mission residents think gravel mine issue is the pits” by reporter Christina Toth, Abbotsford Time (aka Abbotsford Mission Times) made the front page of today’s issue.

Toth reported, “Residents in Mission’s rural steelhead community are fighting to keep a new gravel mine operation from starting up adjacent to the new community hall and area homes.”

Her article also stated the following:

His gravel pit application comes after the District of Mission turned down Hodgson’s two earlier proposals to subdivide his land. The first was for 61 suburban lots of 0.88 acres; the second proposal for 31 lots at just under three acres each was turned down in early January.

“Clearly the public was against the issue, and it would have involved a fairly major [Official Community Plan] change,” said Mayor Ted Adlem.

However, the gravel mine is beyond the district’s jurisdiction and it will likely go ahead, he said.

In support of Steelhead, the district has sent a letter asking the mines inspector to deny the Thomas Avenue pit.

“We’re asking the ministry of mines to not support this application, and if they do, we’re asking for some restrictions,” such as hours of operations and Thomas Avenue upgrades, he said.

A gravel mine or residential development would dramatically alter the quiet nature of the area, said Steelhead Community Association chairman Mark Diamond.

“The community is up in arms over this,” he said. Residents understand gravel is needed, he said, and don’t oppose an operation recently granted on Welch Avenue.

“But don’t drop it, this gravel mine, in the middle of the community,” said Diamond.

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