Invitation to Telus’ Community Consultation Meeting
Wednesday, January 27, 2016, 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm
at Steelhead Community Hall, 32972 Cardinal Street, Steelhead, Mission, BC

Attention Steelhead Property Owners / Occupants
Re: Proposed 60m TELUS Radiocommunications Facility
Address: Red Mountain, Dewdney Trunk Road, Mission BC
Coordinates: 49.20442° N, 122.33528° W
TELUS Site: BC1393 – Mission – Steelhead

TELUS is proposing to install a 60m self-support tower on Crown land at the above-noted coordinates. The ancillary equipment necessary to operate this facility will reside within a shelter located at the base of the tower. An aerial photo of the proposed location and a photo-simulation of the proposed tower is included as part of this notification package.

TELUS seeks to continue to provide high quality wireless telecommunications services to Canadians. Increasingly, Canadians depend on wireless voice, data and internet communications for business, personal enjoyment and personal security reasons. In response to demand for improved coverage in the Steelhead area TELUS is proposing the construction of a new radiocommunications installation.

Click here to download the full package of information sent out by Telus concerning this meeting.

Telus Proposed Tower Location