Keys to identification of invasive Knotweed in BC

Click to download ‘Keys to identification of invasive Knotweed in BC’ (Source: Province of BC)

The Fraser Valley Invasive Plant Council, on behalf of the District of Mission, is undertaking control efforts on four types of invasive knotweed (Japanese, Giant, Himalayan and Bohemian).

All knotweed species have been designated “noxious” under the provincial Weed Control Act, which obligates land owners and occupiers to control these plants. The District is fulfilling this obligation by addressing knotweed infestations on road right-of-ways and other public lands.

Originally from Asia’s lava fields, knotweed thrives beyond control in the Lower Mainland’s fertile soils. Knotweed is non-toxic, but it can have devastating effects on infrastructure and the environment.

Knotweed can grow through concrete, asphalt and building foundations. Its deep root system does not hold soil, so knotweed can pose a serious erosion hazard near waterways. Knotweed can sprout from small (less than 2-cm/1-inch) stem segments and can multiply rapidly, crowding out native plants and destroying wildlife habitat. Standard control methods, such as digging up the roots or repeatedly cutting or mulching these plants only further their spread. 

Knotweed is growing in Steelhead!

There is knotweed growing in Steelhead.

For the reasons listed above, we strongly encourage you to take steps to eradicate this invasive, noxious weed from your property.

Please DO NOT mulch, compost or dig up this plant.

Please do not mulch, compost or dig up this plant. For advice on control options, please contact the Fraser Valley Invasive Plant Council at 604-615-9333 or or visit for additional information. 

For more information on the District’s control efforts, please call the Environmental Coordinator at 604-820-3795 or e-mail The District of Mission tracks the known knotweed sites throughout Mission.

The District of Mission does have a company coming to treat many of the knotweed sights on public property in the very near future.

Your cooperation is appreciated.