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One FREE Tipping Fee For Green Waste

FireSmart Tipping Fee for Green WasteThe area directly around a home or other structures or the first 10 metres of space is called your “First Priority”.  This is the most critical area for your own personal fire protection.  Removing or reducing the amount of deadfall, thick shrubs, dried up cedar bits/twigs around your home or other outbuildings on roof valleys, gutters or under decks all helps. 

Don’t forget fires travel uphill more easily so you should extend the 10-metre distance to address this aspect (pun intended).

FireSmart is offering Steelhead residents one free tipping event per Steelhead household for dropping off green waste at the Mission Landfill. Green waste is any yard debris requiring grinding before composting including brush, branches (no larger than 12”), vines and other natural vegetation. 

Green waste is NOT construction waste, treated wood, stumps (due to rocks), branches over 12” diameter, any painted, treated or preserved wood.  These materials cannot be composted and are subject to a charge at the Landfill.

Don’t forget to secure your load. Unsecured loads are subject to a $10 surcharge, not included in the free tipping fee.

Come into the Mission Fire Station #1, 33330 7th Avenue to pick up your FREE TIPPING COUPON. 

Any questions or for further information, please call Captain Bishop at Fire Station#1 at 604-820-5398.

Download this information as pdf here.