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The following is an excerpt from the June 2017 issue of BC Coast Fire Centre’s Wildfire News (click the link to see the full version):

“Wildfire forecasting is a challenging job, especially in light of evolving conditions in B.C.’s varied landscapes and the ongoing effects of climate change. To get an up-to-date overview of the current situation, you may want to read Canadian Wildland Fire Strategy: A 10-Year Review and Renewed Call for Action:

“The predictions are concerning and firefighting organizations throughout the country are having to come to terms with them. But what does it all mean for property owners on the West Coast?

“The good news is that we don’t typically experience the same types of fire behaviour on the coast as interior regions of the province do. For example, forest fuels here tend to be less volatile than the open pine and sagebrush fuels seen further inland. Nonetheless, the Coastal Fire Centre did have a busy fire season in 2015 and multiple evacuations took place (Port Hardy, the Pemberton area, the Cedar area, etc.)”

Fire Stages of Control & Fire Response Types