Wildfire-NewsThe following information comes from Wildfire News.

This excerpt captures the essence of what many area asking:

“Recent cooler temperatures and light rainfall have led people to ask if the campfire ban will be lifted for the rest of the coast. In the interest of public safety, and to help prevent human-caused wildfires, the campfire ban and all other prohibitions remain in place for the rest of the coast until further notice.

“In the Coastal Fire Centre, there have been 92 fires so far this year, 85 of which started due to human activity.

“The weather forecast for this weekend on the coast is varied precipitation, followed by another bout of warm and dry weather later in the coming weeks. The above
seasonal temperatures with less than normal rainfall is a major consideration in continuing with the current open fire prohibitions. Lifting a fire ban after a long period of very hot weather, followed by patchy rain, then hot weather again, often results in increased human-caused, campfire related wildfires.”

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