Anyone living in and around Steelhead must have heard a loud explosion this morning around 8 a.m. I called Teal Jones to see if it had to do with their logging and they told me no. I was down at the school bus stop corner of Johnson and Cardinal when the explosion occurred ….it was the loudest I have ever heard and you could feel the compression.

I spoke to Constable Roopra and they investigated and could not find the source either. They wanted to call in Air One to do a fly over however it was out on a priority call and by the time it could assist too many hours had passed. District of Mission said it was not them and BC Hydro ILM line does blasting but that is 14 kms from here and their spokesperson doesn’t believe it was from them either.
If anyone has any information as to the source of this explosion, please let us know.

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