burglarSometime on the evening of Friday June 12th, thieves cut the telephone lines and stole the copper cutting off service to the entire Steelhead community. Once again this put Steelhead residents at serious risk, with no way to call emergency services.

This is the 4th time the telephone lines have been cut by the thieves in the last few months!

Telus recently told one resident, when she called in, that they would proactively come to each house in the community and talk about fibre optics cable.

Has anyone else been told this? If so, please let us know on the Steelhead Facebook page at Facebook.com/SteelheadCommunity.

To let Telus know you would like Fibre Optics Cable in the Steelhead area, fill out a feedback form on their website at http://www.telus.com/en/bc/feedback/?origin=/index.jsp. If high-speed Internet services are important to you, be sure to mention this too.

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