Dear Editor;

Re-Steelhead Development Proposal article on the front page of Thursday August 23rd 2012 edition “Development would improve communication”

For clarification purposes the article states “Dean Hodgson says he has the support of the Steelhead Community Association Executive Board” The Board would like to make it clear in the next edition of the paper that “their support of this application for the development proposal reflects the opinions only of the Executive Board of the Steelhead Community Association and not the Steelhead Community at large.”

The developer and President of Top End Homes Inc. Dean Hodgson states that although it’s very early in the planning stage and with final zoning unknown, several things are known.

  1. We will ensure that all lots will be one full acre or larger.
  2. We anticipate between approximately 55 and 60 lots if we are permitted Suburban 36 zoning with city water.
  3. All services including city water and roads would be paid for by the developer.
  4. Initial comments from District of Mission Staff indicate a preference of cash in lieu to develop parks elsewhere in Mission. 5) A westcoast flavour will be consistent throughout the development with building and landscape design guidelines that must meet approval before construction begins.