Wildfire Community Preparedness Day

After all the snow and rain … and the recent emergence, at least sporadically, of that large globe in the sky called the “SUN” …  it’s time for those of us in Steelehad to begin preparing for the summer dry season.

To that end, Wildfire Community Day is on Saturday, May 6th in Canada. This is the first event and timely after all that winter blowdown, cedar needles, pine cone bits, etc. that we have collected in all the nooks, crannies, and under the decks of our homes.

The following information is from the FireSmart Canada website:

Concerned about grass or forest fires where you live?

Protecting your home from wildfire starts with simple actions. Whether you are doing regular yard maintenance or making large scale changes during renovations or landscaping, you can make choices that will help protect your home from wildfire.

While properly preparing your home and community can reduce the risk of damage caused by wildfires, ensure that you have proper insurance on your home and property.

Know your hazard…take the assessment

Knowing the factors that can pose a threat to your home, yard and beyond can empower you to make choices that will reduce the risk.

Complete the structure and site hazard assessment to understand hazard within 30 metres of a home or building

Take the area hazard assessment to understand the hazard greater than 30 metres of a home or building

Take action…

Some of the measures cost very little and can help reduce the vulnerability of your home to wildfire, others require planning and long-term commitment. Learn how to make FireSmart actions that can protect your;:

Home Construction

Yard and landscaping

Vegetation and fuels


Farm or Acreage

Bring FireSmart to your neighbourhood

The FireSmart Community Recognition Program gives acknowledgement to the FireSmart actions your community is taking. Learn how your community can become a recognized FireSmart Community.

Useful Resources

Area Assessment

This form will help you to assess the hazards present lands adjacent to your home.

Site Assessment

This form will help you to assess the hazards present around home and structures.