Welcome to Steelhead Community – Mission’s Mountain Gem.

The Steelhead Community Association is a registered non-profit society set up for the sole purpose of improving community living. Although maintaining our non-profit status requires a lot of work and commitment, it gives us more recognition and credibility as a distinct community.

The intent of the Association is to bring your ideas and concerns to the forefront and to influence the direction of planning in this area. Community residents are urged to be aware that such developments are only beneficial to our community if our concerns about safety and environmental issues are addressed.

It is almost time to renew your annual membership dues and we hope this brief description of the Steelhead Association and an outline of our plans will help persuade you to become an active member. Membership dues are used to keep alive a collective voice, to ensure the community’s concerns stay on the local government’s agenda and that Steelhead receives its fair share of municipal revenues for road improvements, snow removal etc.

We are still in need of funds to finish our community hall and you can help by volunteering your time at the work bees and through supporting the continual fundraising efforts.

The membership fee is still only $10/year per family and you may drop off your $10 with your name and address and telephone number in the LOCKED suggestion box by the mailboxes and bulletin board on Cardinal Street (it is checked DAILY) or sign up at the Annual General Meeting on June 21st.

Thank you for your support in all things Steelhead and for keeping your memberships up to date!!