BC Hydro Interior to Lower Mainland Transmission Project


BC Hydro is continuing work along the right-of-way north of Cascade Falls Regional Park for the Interior to Lower Mainland (ILM) Transmission Project. Starting on September 14th and over the next 4 weeks there will be an increase in construction work on the site. This work will include construction trucks, equipment vehicles, and crews accessing the right-of-way through Cascade Falls Regional Park and local roads.

As part of this work,  stringing of the transmission line (conductors) will be taking place. Helicopters will be in use primarily along the right-of-way. The contractor has obtained the necessary permits and permissions and is in compliance with Transport Canada requirements.

In addition, conductor (transmission line) ends will need to be joined with the use of implosive connectors that  are metallic sleeves which contain a small charge. The sleeves are detonated which compresses (welds) the conductor ends together. This split-second process will create several flashes with smoke and very loud bangs.  When it is required, typically there are several implosions per day. This work will take place in a safe and controlled area. The contractor has signage and fencing in place to keep people at a safe distance away from these work areas.

If you wish to contact BC Hydro regarding this work, please email stakeholderengagement@bchydro.com or call  604 623 4472, toll-free 1 866 647 3334.

For more information regarding the ILM project, please visit the project website at: www.bchydro.com/ilm