On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to welcome everyone to Steelhead’s Annual General Meeting and thank you for coming tonight. Just by showing up tonight, demonstrates your support for our community and we are very glad you took the time to come!

The Steelhead Community Association is a registered non-profit society set up for the sole purpose of improving community living. The intent of the society is to bring your ideas and concerns to the forefront and to influence the direction of planning in this area. Membership dues are used to keep alive a collective voice that will ensure the community’s concerns stay on the local government’s agenda and that Steelhead receives its fair share of municipal revenues for road improvements, snow removal etc.

We are all proud of the work we have accomplished in the community especially the building of the community hall for Steelhead and we really do live in Mission’s Mountain Gem. We would like nothing more than to be spending our time enjoying what this community centre will offer to all of us and we are so close to the finish line. A concentrated effort by the people of this community could achieve this goal so much faster so everyone, please come out and volunteer!

An on going concern for Steelhead is the fact our community is not within the service area of any wireless providers, leaving Steelhead residents compromised and vulnerable in the event of a medical emergency. Jana Tennant has led a grass roots effort to find us an internet provider that will serve our community. At this point, many of us have been successfully hooked up with Lookie Loo although they are still working out the timing out issues for a few of us. Jana continues her efforts to bring Telus and/or Shaw to serve our community and has asked them to upgrade our current telephone infrastructure to support high-speed Internet as well as switching capabilities and wireless communication. This would really help to grow our community by allowing residents to work from home and could increase the market value of buying or selling a home in Steelhead. We all owe Jana our gratitude and appreciation for working so tirelessly on this issue on our behalf!

Before I review the past year’s accomplishments, I would like to take a moment to pay homage to three Steelhead community members that left us this past year: Otto Johnson, Olaf Wallander and Dave Kernovich, they were respected and admired by many and will be missed.

This is a general outline of activities the Steelhead Community Association has been involved in during this past year, over and above attending monthly Board meetings.

Community Safety & Development

  • Liaison with Teal Jones who have commenced logging operations recently;
  • Liaison with BC Hydro regarding the twinning of the power line;
  • Liaison with various agencies regarding community safety;
  • Replace bulletin board at mail box;
  • Web-site (www.divi.steelheadcommunity.com)
  • Quarterly newsletter;
  • Garage sale;
  • Membership Drive;
  • Ongoing monitoring and dialogue with various municipal and provincial departments to advocate for residents (i.e. logging, road work, signage, BC Hydro etc);
  • Wrote and submitted applications for various grants;
  • Various meetings with community members to address concerns;

Grants & Donations received to date:

  • $3,000 – District of Mission Municipal Grant in Aid ($3000 from last year which was received in this fiscal year for a total of  $6000)
  • $1,000 cash donation – Doreen Cameron
  • $1000 cash donation – Dean Hodgson
  • $1000 cash donation – Judy Oliver
  • $180 cash donation – Haseler
  • $20 – anonymous
  • Logs for firewood – District of Mission
  • Electrical work – Mark Bienge
  • Meadows Landscaping Supply – river rock
  • Wire mesh – Tyler Faust
  • Web-site- Sue Cockburn
  • Speakers  & wiring – Jody Simon’s brother
  • 62” rear projection T.V. – Kelly Fuller
  • Paul Tenant – Realistic painters
  • Dan Simon, Roger Pells & Mark Diamond -group effort from the Community Hall committee
  • Teal Jones – Large saw blade for address; material for 6 ft. cedar fencing and kitchen cabinets


  • Annual Steelhead BBQ -$381.30
  • Tailgate/Chilli  Social – $265.58
  • Christmas Planters – $70
  • Bottle Returns – $219.16
  • Neufeld Farms – $650
  • Memberships – $300
  • Old Fogey/Bingo Social – $211
  • Garage and Bake sale – $317.75
  • Book & DVD sale – $244.77
  • Firewood – $2035.00
  • Helena May fund raising – $100

Community Hall Project

  • Poured sidewalks and patio’s
  • Completed and inspected rough in plumbing
  • Completed and inspected rough in wiring
  • Sprayed ceilings
  • Insulation and vapour barrier
  • Completed exterior trim and built deck off kitchen
  • On going landscaping

Recently, at our monthly Board of Directors meeting, we met with Dean Hodgson who is the new owner of Barb and Al Thomas’ property on Thomas Avenue. This meeting was scheduled at the suggestion of District of Mission Mayor Ted Adlem and Councilman Nelson Tilbury. Dean is submitting a proposal to the District of Mission to subdivide his 80 acre property. He explained that this would not be a Mary Hill-type of subdivision; he will implement minimal levels of standards of building specifications, and that his background includes building top end custom homes. He has lived in Steelhead now for the past few years and said he plans to live in the area with his family for many years to come. Dean is submitting an application to subdivide to either 1.77 parcels or 0.73 acre parcels. If the District approves .73 the community benefits with the extension of city water down the Cardinal corridor to Johnson. Whether 1.77 or .73 is approved; it is the Board’s opinion that this new subdivision will add serious clout to our ongoing battle for internet and cellular service to be extended to Steelhead. Dean has told us he will post an information package on the bulletin board after his return from his honeymoon with his phone number included to field any questions you may have. We have found Dean to be very approachable and very willing to work with the community; he welcomes feedback from anyone with questions or concerns.

Before I wrap up, I’d like to introduce and congratulate the Board of Directors for all their efforts in meeting the challenges of this last year!

Board of Directors:

Co Chair: Cindy Diamond – thank you for compiling information, writing reports, emails and letters and phone calls that I don’t have time to do and all the behind the scenes work you do.

For the past two years the secretarial duties have been split into two positions because of the amount of work this position requires;

Secretary: Kelly Fuller – Thank you for the past two years of service on the Board of Directors and for organizing many Neufeld fundraisers thru out this past year; for the minute taking at our monthly board meetings; for all your time and energy on the community hall project as well as all other secretarial duties.

Co-Secretary: Jana Tenant – We thank you for working so tirelessly and successfully on all things Steelhead; for keeping us organized; for all the time and energy spearheading the quest for hi-speed internet and cell phone coverage; doing all the paperwork required for grant applications; for getting the newsletters out quarterly; thank you for your time and energy on the community hall project as well fulfilling all other secretarial duties.

Treasurer: George Nickerson – The community hall project has increased your responsibilities and we thank you for keeping track of our financial picture as well all the time and energy you’ve directed to the community hall project.

Director Lana Gowler & Social Convener Jody Simon – They organized several social events which have helped to unite the community as well as raise much needed dollars for the on-going community hall project. Their actions have helped to recreate the spirit of the past and strengthen our community. Thank you for all the time and energy you have both put towards the community hall project. Once the hall is complete, we are especially looking forward to the Halloween Howler dance that we have had so much fun at. I’m already planning my costume!

Director – Roger Pells – Thank you for all the time and effort you’ve directed to the community hall project; thank you for splitting wood to sell as firewood to raise money for the hall; and for organizing the many work bees!

Director – Terri Cameron – Thank you for your time and energy as a Director for the past few years, you have helped to keep the community informed with your quarterly newsletters; thank you for the all the time and effort you’ve put in on the community hall project and for helping out wherever else was needed.

Director – Bonnie Harper – Thank you for hosting our monthly board meetings and the many social events thru out the year; thank you the lunches you’ve prepared and delivered to the work bees at the community hall and for all the time and effort you’ve invested in the community hall project as well as keeping our sign board up to date with up-coming events!

Thank you to all the Directors for your input and ideas at our monthly Board meetings; our community is a better place to live because of your many contributions!

Special mention must be made to Roger Pells and Dan Simon as well as all the people who have volunteered so many hours to bring our vision of a community hall that much closer to reality.

Tonight we will elect a Board of Directors that will take on the challenge for the 2012/13 year. I encourage you to do your best in supporting them with your input and willingness to help when you can.

This year the nominations forms were posted online and at the bulletin board with the deadline for submitting June 15th. There was only one nomination each for the following positions Chair, Co Chair, Treasurer, and Social Convener. We will hand out the ballot forms now and please only check 4 of the boxes for directors.


Mark Diamond
Steelhead Community Association