Steelhead is a small rural community nestled in the back woods north of Mission, and only one hour from Vancouver. Hayward and Stave Lake are situated nearby, as are many recreational activities like hiking and mountain biking on Bear Mountain.

The Steelhead Community Hall is a recently built log hall, offering a warm and a rustic feel surrounded by forest. We host a number of Community events throughout the year and regular Yoga classes. We also offer rentals for special events and filming.

Community Hall Rental Info

Our newly built Steelhead Community Hall located at 32972 Cardinal Street in Mission, BC is available for rental: 

  • Meetings, Weddings, Showers, Reunions, Anniversaries, Birthday parties, Sport Team parties, Club activities or what have you.
  • Available for filming location, please email for details
  • Reasonable Rates available by the day or the hour
  • Capacity 90-100 with tables; 134 without tables
  • Bluetooth Sound System with 2 wireless microphones, and USB compatible TV
  • Cell service, no WIFI
  • Parking lot and street parking

For further rental information click here to email our Hall Manager.



10 Round Tables (4′ wide)


17 Rectangle Tables (30″ x 72″)


Interested in renting the Steelhead Community Hall? If so …

Please click the link below to access our interactive layout page. This page will allow you to develop different layouts and move tables around to suit your seating arrangements. Simply drag and click the tables into the map to fit the way you desire. We have 17 rectangle tables and 10 round tables.

**This table chart requires Microsoft office in order to be interactive. You will see a yellow line that says ‘enable editing’, click on that to begin. MAC Pages may also work.**

Event Booking Calendar

**Booked events are updated weekly**

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Looking for local Accommodations? Click here to visit the Tourism Mission Website

Rental Agreement – Steelhead Community Hall

32972 Cardinal Street, Steelhead BC  V4S 1L3

Renter Must:    Be 25 years of age or older and assume responsibility for this event. The Renter ensures maximum capacity for the hall 134 persons stated by the Fire Marshall is not exceeded.

Rental Fees:

Damage deposit will be returned to renter after the event MINUS COSTS for:

1)   Necessary repairs including facility damage, gyprock/paint repair (minimum $100);

 2)   Necessary extra cleaning ($50/hr);

 3)  THE FULL DEPOSIT if police are required or the neighbourhood seriously disturbed.

Event Insurance:

The Renter MUST OBTAIN EVENT INSURANCE with minimum 2 million liability.         ‘Additional insured’ should include Steelhead Community Association and the City of Mission. Event insurance can be purchased from any insurance broker. When completed, the certificate should be emailed to the Hall Manager two weeks prior to the event.

The SCA Board of Directors, volunteers, and community members shall not be held liable or responsible for any loss, damage or injury including loss of life to Renter or Attendees (including pets or animals) of stated event, any equipment used, or vehicles in the parking lot.


• The Renter MUST OBTAIN A ‘LIQUOR PERMIT’  which can be obtained from .

 • The Liquor Permit must emailed to the Hall Manager two weeks prior to the event.

 • The PERMIT MUST BE DISPLAYED on the entrance door to the hall DURING THE EVENT.


Security:   • The Renter ensures that all doors and windows to the hall are secured when leaving;

                   • The Renter ensures the gates to the parking lot are locked;


 1) Smoking is prohibited in the Hall and is only allowed at the fire pit by the parking lot.                                                                                                                                          Renter must provide receptacle for cigarette butts.

 2)  Decorations are to be attached to wood only with masking tape – no pins or staples.

 3)  Nothing is to be pinned, stapled or taped on drywall surfaces.

 4)  No confetti or metal table sprinkles are to be used anywhere.

 5)  All decorations must be removed prior to leaving the hall.

 6)  Indoor hall chairs must stay indoors: Chairs used outside are not to be used indoors.

 7)  No candles or flames of any kind inside or outside the hall; This includes fireworks and sparklers.

 8)  All recyclables and garbage including cigarette butts must be removed from the hall. This includes garbage from the bathrooms.


Good Neighbour   The Renter assumes responsibility for ensuring that:


 1) Nothing is left in the Hall except by prior arrangement.

 2) Neighbours are not disturbed by loud music, loud cars.

 3) Music is stopped by ­­­­12 a.m.; Hall vacated by 1 a.m.;

 4) The event stays orderly so that neighbours do not have to call police

Good Host:   The Renter assumes responsibility for ensuring that:


  1) Attendees to the event are aware that the cellular service area can be spotty. Telus customers may have better reception than Rogers customers.

  2) Attendees are encouraged to arrange for a safe ride home IN ADVANCE of the event.

  3) Attendees are aware of our remote location and mountain road conditions.

  4) Attendees are aware that the closest store is a 30-minute round-trip drive.